The Maya of Language (A little bit of whimsy)

Brian Steel

Copyright © 2003 Brian Steel

This short inconsequential article may amuse you, or reinforce your view that much about language is relative.

The BAD news is that, since the (necessarily) mysterious material is in columns, you must view it as a .pdf document. If you don’t already have Adobe Acrobat .pdf Reader installed on your computer, it is a free download from and will be useful to you for more important downloads from the bottomless Internet.

Here is the LINK to my little mystery article: The Maya of Language .

It may disappoint you after all your effort to see it. I hope not but if you are displeased with me, I apologise and invite you to see other more substantial language offerings on this same website: on French, Spanish and even English. And, on this particular "secret" topic, see the hugely entertaining recent book by Maarten H. Rijkens, I always get my sin.


Brian Steel