Brian Steel, Translation from Spanish: An Introductory Course, Madrid, S.G.E.L.
(Agotado // Out of Print)

NEW! The Draft Sample has been withdrawn because the e-book has just been completed: Spanish Translation Exercises and Tests. With a Contrastive Analysis of Key Aspects of Spanish Syntax. A much longer Sample will be posted in the next few days and the e-book will be available for purchase shortly.
The e-book is intended for use as an ancillary practical text on tertiary level Spanish courses or for private study. The proportions of analysis and Exercises for Comprehension and Translation vary according to the usage topic but supplementary translation Exercises are offered in each chapter (1,200 examples in total) for students to work on independently (or in groups) to sharpen comprehension and accuracy of translation. There is also a generous amount of more challenging self-test exercises at the end.
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