Note for Australian readers:

Prohibitive bank charges ($10 per conversion) make it economically foolish for me to accept cheques in foreign currencies. If you wish to purchase copies of the files for any of the the e-books, there is an easy alternative method of payment: by cheque (in A$). So, if interested, please email me at and I will send you my address.

The prices are as follows:
Spanish Translation Exercises. With a Contrastive Analysis of Key Aspects of Spanish Syntax: A$15
Intermediate and Advanced Spanish Translation Exercises: A10
Breve diccionario ejemplificado de Mexicanismos: A$10.(This also entitles you to a free copy of the Diccionario mínimo de argentinisimos, uruguayismos y paraguayismos.)
(There is of course no postage charge since the documents will be sent be email.)

By the way, I managed to rescue a few copies of A Textbook of Colloquial Spanish and the original version of Translation from Spanish before they went out of print in Spain in 2005. They are available by post within Australia for A$30 plus postage.


I hope you enjoy the offerings on this website.


Brian Steel