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Estimado lector: Casi todo este sitio web está escrito en español, como usted podrá verificar al hacer clic en los botones de arriba, pero si necesita una traducción de esta página principal, la encontrará aquí.

My fascination with the Spanish language in its myriad geographical varieties and my enjoyment of Hispanic culture go back a long way. On this website you will find references to my books and articles on the Spanish language and lexicography (especially on Latin American Spanish and Mexican Spanish), Colloquial Spanish, the teaching of Spanish as a second language, and on translation from and into Spanish. A number of articles and book Samples/Muestras are available for reading and downloading.

The five of my books illustrated above represent my main contributions to a Retrato de la Lengua Española del Siglo XX. Of these, only the Breve Diccionario Ejemplificado de Americanismos and the Glosario de Ecología y Afines are still in print (by, respectively, Editorial Arco Libros and Ediciones Istmo, both of Madrid, Spain). Because of this I decided to create a new website in order to make electronically available not only those free downloads referred to above (and others which may eventuate) but to offer electronic versions of two of the Out of Print books - at a fraction of the (US $30) commercial cost of their printed form.

These e-books are now available.
1. Spanish Translation Exercises and Tests. With a Contrastive Analysis of Key Aspects of Spanish Syntax.
2. A Textbook of Colloquial Spanish.
3. Another e-volume, the Breve Diccionario Ejemplificado de Mexicanismos, previously published (briefly) as an e-book in 1999 is also offered for sale on this website. The first part of this Diccionario de Mexicanismos (the letters
A-C , comprising one quarter of the e-book) is also available here free of charge for inspection and personal use (in two documents).

These new web pages also offer other articles about the Spanish language as  well as some short pieces of my writings in English, including a guide to French words used in English.

Esperando que esta iniciativa sea de su agrado, le envío un cordial saludo y le invito a hojear los resultados de mi labor de investigador, profesor y aficionado de lo hispánico.

Brian Steel

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